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Giannola Investments (GI) is a property management firm with hundreds of thousands of feet of property, under  our ownership and or management, throughout the western Michigan region.   We specialize in:
The roots of our company go back to 1982, when Joe Giannola began purchasing several retail stores and managed a strip mall.  He acquired other properties in addition to having a partnership in a residential and commercial construction firm.

Since then, GI  has taken on many properties. Some of these properties are distressed, and we have helped them bring maximum benefit to their communities and partner investors.

We have assumed management of properties on the brink of foreclosure and realized a profit within 12 months.  GI has also increased its holdings through joint ventures & partnerships, as well as by purchasing stock.
Joe Giannola brings considerable knowledge and know-how in purchasing, managing, leasing and trading properties.  He has owned and managed several retail establishments and a commercial/residential construction company.  He has  been on the planning board of several municipalities as well as the boards of several organizations.

Joe puts his experience to work for his partners and clients.
Joe Giannola has a unique insight, knowledge and know-how in the purchasing, managing, leasing and trading of properties.

For over a quarter century he has been involved in real estate property development & management.
Joe has owned or managed several business entities including retail businesses,  a  commercial & residential construction company and  property management firm.  He has  been on the planning board of several municipalities and the boards of several organizations.

Joe puts his knowledge and experience to work for partners and customers to increase property and shareholder value.
Joe Giannola

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515 Ship Street, Suite 205
Saint Joseph, MI  49085
(269) 982-1553
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Serving West Michigan's Property Needs SInce 1982
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